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Southern goon


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Official Website | Artist, Lyricist & Songwriter | Partner: Spy Gang Music LLC. as Cheif Operating officer  Email:| Hometown: Jackson, Mississippi| Affiliated Company: O.M.F.K

Dwight Ellis, aka Southern Goon (SGKilla), brings his stellar lyrical flow to the music forefront. This young MC  who hails from Jackson, Mississippi has erupted up in the hip-hop scene. His inherited musical talent has made him a gifted writer and lyricist with the charismatic talent to revitalize rap music. Gang activities, drug distribution, etc. were all an event that S.G. faced without his parents being there, which left the young talented artist confused with all the trouble around him, and that when he decided to answer those questions through poetry which then lead down to the music. 


Southern Goon wrote his first song at the age of 10 or 11 after years of family and friends confirming his talent. His official debut single 'Till The Day I Die' showcase his versatility and passion in his rhymes and also establishes his base and solidify his creditability as a lyrical force to be reckoned with. He has been pegged as a perfectionist who takes the time to produce the right results. He has been compared to hip-hop artists such as T.I. but his unique delivery and music allow him to walk alone.


As an artist, Southern Goon has faced the struggles, poverty, and failure of life, but has allowed himself to see with his eyes, listen with his heart, and paint colors that develop pictures with his voice. He didn't allow any odds to get the best of his craft, and even after taking a break in late 2013 he still was writing throughout his everyday life. Things have always seemed to be a struggle for Mr Goon after his mother and father wasn't around when he was growing up, but seeing his parents be a victim to drug abused, allowed him to keep pushing and providing a better outlook for his self. 


His biggest inspirations growing up while composing his own art was people like Boosie, T.I. Webbie, and Ludacris, so you kind of know where he got his name. "I base my life on loyalty, respect, and trust. I’m down to earth and blunt! Meaning I'm honest and truthful and don't sugar coat shit, cause I don't give a damn!!”- Southern Goon


As he teams up with Spy Gang Music LLC. he is remembering all that he has been through and making sure that he leaves a remembering mark on the game, the same way he left a remembering mark on friends and family who fell in love with his craft and way with words in music. 

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