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Spy Gang Music, LLC.

Tel: 3476760135



All graphics are shown in the "GEMs Catalog" of this page and the service is provided by one of the affiliates "Why LLC". If you would like a cover art done please send an email with the subject: Young Uidaz Graphic Request and a Message explaining what you would like done. Prices will be communicated before the request is started and half of the cost is to be paid upfront. 


Producers when sending beats please ensure the prices and leasing information is included with the subject line: "Beats Submission" and the selected artist you feel will vibe well with your submission. 

Distribution & Promotion

Distribution services will be provided to artists. No particular genre, all genres are welcome. All distribution will be done through our third-party company affiliate 'Unlvcky Media' and documentation will be provided upon the service request. Please keep in mind all samples must be cleared, beats must be properly leased and/or owned and neither the distributor, Unlvcky Media or Spy Gang Music will be held accountable. Promotional service is offered and varies depending on what you are looking for. When emailing include either "Distribution or Promotion" in the subject line (or both). 

Signing to The Label

The label is currently not accepting any unsolicited material. Please refrain from sending us music as for it will just be deleted. 

Mixing and Mastering

All production is done in-house and beats are purchased and/or leased through selected producers. For mixing and mastering service we don't offer the service but is willing to put you in connection with our personal engineer. Include in the subject line: "Mixing and Mastering Service". 


Please allow at least 24-48 hours for a reply. As we do try our best to reply to every email if you don't get a response within the 48 hours, please resubmit. If after second (2) submission there isn't a reply....Don't take it personally, we just couldn't respond to your email declining the submission. 



You've reached the UNIT!

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