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Official Website | Artist & Songwriter | Partner: Spy Gang Music LLC. as Market Treasurer & OMFK "Featured Artist" | Email: | Hometown: Lawrence, Massachusetts| Affiliated Company: O.M.F.K

Best described as having a sound of Pop-soul, singer Esmeralda found the love for music and discovered her ability to change lives with her voice. Inspiration within doing music has and will continue to affectionately coin Dreamers, Believers, and Lost Souls, with a desire to change the foundation of passion through her music. Keeping her motivation to push others to continue to dream big, out loud and in vivid color is what Esmeralda brings humbly to the creative platform. 


The idea to “Love, cherish and focus on what you love to do” is something that is a coin in her craft as she aims to make a platform for herself, that can later erupt a chain of reaction for a women movement. This outrageously talented artist has recently promoted and marketed her talent via her social media and actively supports the independent growth of Spy Gang Music holding a position as the Market Treasurer for the label. 


Keeping in tune with her mantra; “Love, cherish and focus on what you love to do,” Esmeralda empowers the creative idea to always have a dual purpose. "Having a dual purpose serves as a motivation to all the women out there". This concept has allowed Esmeralda to work productively in the backdrop for her own upcoming affiliated company. Esmeralda is currently the "Featured Artist" and only female under the company OMFK. 


"All of my struggles pour out of me when I sing, I feel like everyone will feel what I have been through….the pain, and the joy of being and loving who you are. It's also the opportunity to hold that creative confidence in growing a dominance platform for women empowerment in not just music, but in anything, there is a passion for". 

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