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who we are

We are an affiliation focused on delivering hits.


Spy Gang Music was encompassed from an individual with separate and unique abilities leading the company into the common goal that delivers quality music. Within the overall excellence of this endeavour, she has combined her expertise of principals within the company, with backgrounds in the entertainment industry, business management, marketing, accounting, production, development, public relations, and technology. These strengths develop an overall understanding of the marketability and viability of each 'product' presented.


what we stand for

our vision

An affiliation built on success.


Spy Gang Music was created to fulfil the dreams and expectations of those creative individuals who desire is to release quality 'music' that showcases their talent, and expose them to consumers in the entertainment industry. Our service includes but also offers the release of music worldwide, backed by an individual who is focused on sales, marketing, and distribution. 


An emotional connection is the universal language of people throughout the world. We continue to see emotions turn as the musical trends start to change. We are executing the quality for the future - Emotions will continue to exist all over the world. New genres will consume the industry. Due to the high demand for real and solid content, we will become the primary format for monetization of emotional connection through music. Streaming will be the primary method for listening to music. Listeners will experience the emotional connection from other cultures and inner visions around the world.

"Spy Gang Music hunger and thirst for the success is rich amongst those who are a part of our family. Being able to see the vision. Write the vision. Execute the vision. With no fear. Leaves enough room for respect among our unit."


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