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Young Spittah

Partner| Owner of Sulwck, LLC. | Email:| Hometown: Southside Jamaica Queens, New York| Current Artist(s) Manage: Southern Goon & TheRealEvk

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Who is Young Spittah? We're so glad you asked!


Young Spittah is a dynamic FE-NOM who hails from Southside Jamaica, NY to take not only hip-hop but the world by a storm. At the tender age of 16, she began rapping in her area of Orlando, Florida. Quickly growing as a musician, Young Spittah began to gain attention from fellow artists, supporters, and fans. Being a pint-sized rapper and making history was enough for Spittah to embrace the love of music. Honing her craft Young Spittah began to compose her own songs, found her musical voice, and cultivated her unique androgynous style.


In 2014, she took a huge step and started an independent label, establishing herself as a jack of all trades by becoming one of New York's well-known businesswoman and quietly a vicious writer to match. With music remaining her first love, Young Spittah credits Tupac, Jay-Z, Missy Elliot, and Nas (just to name a few) with shaping her artistic vision.


Today, Young Spittah looks to a bright future! She has successfully gained industry connections, as well as running her own independent label, and releasing her first book. With business and creativity in the pipeline, she is doing everything in her power to show the world exactly who Young Spittah is.


Outside of wooing fans, Young Spittah has worked on artist management, marketing, public relations, and graphic design (just to name a few).


Young Spittah is gaining popularity for her undeniable creative flow, feel the good energetic vibe, honest content, and is destined for Stardom. She is also embarking on another business, as well as a promising entertainment career outside of her independent label. So Stay Tuned!

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