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Official Website. | Chief Executive Officer, Artist, Songwriter, Producer & Engineer |Partner: Spy Gang Music LLC.  Email: | Hometown: Detroit, MI​ | Affiliated Company: #comingsoon

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EVK is an Artist, Producer, Songwriter, based in Orlando Florida.

When the raw truth of the hip-hop and skilful penmanship collides you get the artistry of EVK, lyrical evangelism. After acknowledging his talents from freestyling in high school and church, EVK found himself to a halt.  He gave his life to music in his first year of college and he realized something has to be done with his gift.  EVK began to surrender himself to his calling and a few years later released his first mixtape with Spy Gang Music (previously known as True Music Entertainment) entitled, “Take 2.5: Welcome Back” in 2010.

Unsuspectingly EVK would begin to explore a whole new genre that would transform his mind, Spoken Word.  EVK teamed up with Young Spittah and Southern Goon, which he had become one of the voices of their poetic army.  With Soundcloud tracks being bombarded with hundreds of thousands of hits, the hunger for his explicitly powerful message is undeniable. As a producer, songwriter, and artists, EVK values the importance of a lyrical balance in his life.

Yet his passion is to ignite hearts for listeners through his gift with words. “Speak now, or forever hold your “click-click” PIECE. As EVK emphasizes the deadliness of silence, he promises to speak Life into a broken generation.

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