Play Books

Last Updated September 7 2020


The purpose of this playbook is to detail the Lapidaries milestones which are in the form of a digital portfolio. In order to gain access to the portfolio please send an email to with Subject: Playbook Acess and include in the body the reason you want access to the playbook, at that time allow 24-48 hours for a reply with the password for the playbook access.

"Young Spittah/Young Uidaz*


 "Southern Goon"

*Young Spittah/Young Uidaz playbook consists of three different options, due to the degree of having two different accomplishment each within a different field of business. Young Spittah playbook is all music-related avenues, there is a Young Uidaz for non-music related avenues and the third options are both aka in one. When requesting please include in the body of your email which one you would prefer to be sent. 


***Note: Esmeralda picture won't appear below, because she currently doesn't have a playbook but will be offered when one does become available.